Create Maternity Leave Pay Using Short Term Disability Insurance

Your health and ability to work may be your most important asset. Most people buy their house and their car using financing: mortgages and/or car loans and leases. They plan to pay for these necessities over time – from future income. You insure your house, your life, and your car, wouldn’t it make sense to insure the asset that makes it all happen – your paycheck?

Short-term disability provides important income protection should you have an accident, or develop an illness and were unable to work. Statistics show that you are much more likely to be injured in an accident than to die from one. Advances in medicine are allowing us to live longer. However, recovery from a serious illness often requires time away from work. Short-term disability can replace up to 70% of your income should you become disabled. Benefits can begin as quickly as within seven days for an illness, and with no waiting period for an accident. Benefits can last as long as two years.

Create Maternity Leave Income

Workingwomen who are planning a pregnancy have an extra incentive to buy this valuable coverage: they are planning to use the benefit, and will likely generate maternity leave income that far surpasses the premium cost. Short-term disability pays a six-week benefit for a vaginal delivery, and an eight-week benefit for a c-section delivery, less the elimination period. Benefits may be extended if delivery complications require an extended time away from work.

Apply preconception to lock in your short-term disability benefit for maternity leave, with at least a three-month buffer in case of premature birth. Most short-term disability policies contain an exclusion for normal delivery within the first nine months of the policy effective date. By applying several months before conception, your delivery will likely fall outside the exclusion period, even if your pregnancy does not go full term.

Coverage for High Risk Pregnancies

Each year almost 25% of expectant mothers will have one or more complications of pregnancy. Many women will need to leave work weeks or months in advance of their due date. Others may miss work when they suffer a miscarriage. Short-term disability plans provide income protection for these circumstances, which becomes especially important for high-risk pregnancies.

Ask your Employer

Short-term disability with pregnancy and maternity leave benefits are only available through your employer. Your opportunity for a positive return on your maternity leave income is a loss for the insurance carrier. Insurers are willing to absorb losses on pregnancy and maternity leave policies, provided they have the opportunity to market other policies to your co-workers.

It’s easy to get your employer on board, even if they don’t offer such a program now. There is no direct cost to your employer, as you pay the premium. Your employer simply needs to deduct the premium from your paycheck, and forward the money to the insurance carrier once a month. The policies are portable. If you separate from your employer, you can keep the policy at the same rate. You own the policy.

Contact a local agent specializing in voluntary employee benefit programs. The agent can speak to your employer, and provide you the opportunity to pay for this coverage through payroll deduction.

Workout Maternity Clothes

As many women know, exercising during pregnancy has so many great health benefits including helping the mom-to-be stay in shape, leading to a much easier pregnancy and delivery, helping to keep weight-gain and blood pressure in check, easing aches and pains associated with pregnancy, and aiding in helping new mommies get back in shape and lose the baby weight in a safe and healthy manner. In addition to the physical health benefits, there are so many mental health benefits to working out throughout pregnancy, so it’s no wonder that more and more women (with permission from their doctors) are working out throughout their entire pregnancies up until the day they deliver their babies. It’s also no surprise that with this increase, there is an ever-increasing demand for workout maternity clothes.

It is extremely important for women to wear the proper workout maternity clothes, and with their ever-changing bodies, this can oftentimes pose a real challenge for pregnant women. Proper workout maternity clothing should be loose fitting and very breathable as to avoid overheating while working out. Pregnant women should dress in layers so they can easily remove articles of clothing once they have warmed up, or if they start to feel too warm. In addition, pregnant women should make sure their sports bra provides enough support for their growing breast-size during pregnancy, and they also need to make sure their athletic shoes fit properly. This is very important because many women go up 1 to 1 ½ shoe sizes during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester due to swelling and excessive weight. Without the proper workout attire, pregnant women are much more prone to workout-related injuries and stress.

In addition to functionality, with women’s desire to look amazing, stylish, and beautiful throughout pregnancy, it is no wonder that trendy workout maternity fashion is on the rise and becoming very popular among pregnant women. Workout maternity clothes, while needing to serve the purpose of comfort and support, are also becoming more fashionable, trendy, hip, and sexy. There are certain lines that even specialize in maternity exercise, yoga, and fitness wear. These lines have come a long way from pregnant women working out in sweat pants and oversized tee shirts. They are now made from the same high performing fabrics used in the creation of workout wear for athletes. High-end workout maternity fashion includes maternity sport tanks, tees, shorts, bras, yoga pants and yoga capris, jackets, and swimwear. These can be purchased from high-end retailers, boutiques, online stores, and fitness/sports stores. In addition, larger chain stores are beginning to carry maternity workout wear ranging from higher-end, more expensive fashion, to more affordable fitness wear.

Pregnancy fashion and maternity wear is now so mainstream, women have many options for their pregnancy workout needs. There are now so many selections with regard to affordability, quality, style, and fashion, pregnant women have all the fashion options in the world to stay fit, healthy, and trendy during their pregnancy! This is a fitness “craze” all pregnant women can get behind.

What is the Best Health Insurance Choice?

Alisia had just moved to another state and wanted to get the best insurance coverage for her health. This is because, she believes a medical insurance plan is very important to any person. She had minimal coverage from her work and she wanted something more comprehensive. She didn’t have a large income, so she opted for a generalized coverage from a local insurer. However, as her premiums went up rapidly, she wasn’t sure if she had made the best health insurance choice for her.

So, how can Alisia get the best health insurance choice coverage for her? Well, she must follow these important steps:

• make a list of her current health needs – existing health issues, past health issues, medicinal needs, type of work she does and the environment she lives in
• decide if she needs individual, family or another type of coverage
• assess what she can afford to pay monthly
• research all the current insurance choices available through local and national insurers
• ensure that the coverage that she chooses includes emergency care and prescription coverage
• decide if she wants dental and eye coverage included in her policy
• assess the deductibles in all potential policies
• assess all the fees and charges included in all potential policies

Alisia should get quotes and estimates from all potential health insurance choice providers before choosing the right policy for her. In fact, she can find recommended medical insurance providers for her area through her local health authority or by looking at the numerous policy providers online.

Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage – How to Get It

If you have plans to become pregnant, it is important that you have health insurance with maternity coverage. Maternity coverage is not included in many of the health insurance plans. Once you become pregnant, getting this coverage will be difficult as pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition.

Paying a bill for pregnancy and the delivery subsequently is costly, especially if there are any complications that occur during birth. It is important that people understand how health insurance with maternity coverage works before planning to start a family.

The average cost of maternity insurance varies depending on the state and the insurer who provides the cover. The costs can vary anything from $2,000 to $10,000 in the event that there are any complications at birth. It can include prenatal care, the delivery and costs for the stay at the hospital and any other services provided.

1. First find out which are the health insurance companies that do not offer health insurance with maternity coverage. Some companies do not, especially if your insurance is not through your employer.

2. Be thorough in checking out the details of what is covered. Find out if you are covered if you are already pregnant. If not, what is the waiting period before you can get pregnant. Get clarity on whether that waiting period extends through conception or when the baby is actually born.

3. When adding maternity coverage, the costs to your overall plan increase. This can be significant, especially if you are self employed and your cover is not through an employer. To try and reduce premium, you can try a higher deductible.