How Early in Pregnancy Do You Need Maternity Clothes?

All the symptoms are there and the test shows a pink plus sign, even the doctor confirmed your suspicions, you are definitely having a baby. As an expectant mother a million things are probably running through your mind and one of those things is probably how your body is going to change over the next nine months. So you may ask yourself, how early in pregnancy do you need maternity clothes.

There really is not set rule or time frame on when to start. Most women start in the second trimester around four or five months, while others may need to start soon after finding out. The only rule to really follow is that when you start to feel uncomfortable in prepregnancy clothes is the time to seriously consider doing a bit of shopping.

You’ll find that today the clothes to accommodate expecting mothers are a long way from the clothes your mother wore. They are more fashionable, more comfortable and come in a lot more different styles, shapes and colors. Finding tops to wear isn’t that hard, there are so many to choose from within the maternity line and out of. But when it comes to jeans and pants that is when things get a bit tricky. Locating a good pair is necessary, usually you’ll need more than one, as your body will change throughout and you’ll need something more comfortable the closer to the due date you get.

There are many different styles of maternity jeans to choose from, so picking the right one is easier now than before. You can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time because of the attention now paid to maternity clothing. Many different designers cater just to expecting mothers.

Some jeans have the front panel only, with the back part of the jean looking normal and the front with a stretchy material that goes over the bottom half of your belly. And there are some that have an interior adjustable stretchy waist. This allows your waistband to grow with your belly and they can last throughout the whole experience if the legs are roomy enough. These types are usually the most comfortable at the start for some women.

The belly band style is one of the most popular today though. The jeans begin under the belly and the belly band, which is a stretchy material, goes up over your belly, normally within two or three inches of the breasts. These types are especially comfortable for those who enjoy the hip hugger style of jean in keeping in their prepregnancy fashion style.

You will also find jeans with the belly band that can be folded down or pulled up, depending on what feels most comfortable for you. These are a good choice for those who want the extra support under the belly, by keeping the band folded down.

Asking how early in pregnancy do you need maternity clothes can give you a multitude of answers as each pregnancy is different. But as soon as you start to feel a bit more comfort is needed in your clothing then it is time to start checking out the shops for what you need. Think about buying just a few pieces of a time to get started and letting your body decide when the next shopping trip is.

Having a Baby Without Health Insurance

Finding health insurance that will cover maternity expenses is almost impossible. If you do find a plan, there are limits on the coverage, waiting periods before you can become pregnant and absurdly high fees to pay for the maternity rider.

Being well informed about your options can save you a bundle before you have your next “bundle of joy”.

The Maternity Coverage Exclusion

We hope that you take the time to read your health insurance policy before you become pregnant. If you do, you will probably find an exclusion for maternity expenses. This is true in almost every state. In some instances, maternity can be added to a plan when you purchase it. However, this is an expensive option and has its own set of rules and waiting periods.

You should be aware that most health insurance plans will cover complications to pregnancy. This generally means a c-section or other types of special delivery problems. If you have had a c-section before, any subsequent c-section will probably be excluded.

The Maternity Coverage Inclusion

Many, if not most health insurance carriers have dropped the ability to add a maternity rider to their plans. In those few instances where it is available, the cost is very high and there is often a 12 month wait before you can become pregnant. Plus, you must add the rider to the plan when you obtain it. You cannot put a maternity rider on afterwards.

Maternity Plan Alternatives

There are other ways to approach the problem of maternity insurance coverage.

  1. Use an advocacy service – We like on particular service that will negotiate directly with hospitals, doctors and labs for you. In some instances, they already have special rates available. There is a cost for this service, but in most instances they will save you a considerable amount on both pre-natal and delivery costs. You can call them directly to get a complete explanation of their package at 800-460-9178800-460-9178.
  1. Negotiate with the hospital yourself – You can call your local hospital and negotiate for a normal vaginal delivery or a c-section. The rates vary from hospital to hospital. Still, it is a lot better than passively waiting for a bill.
  1. Hospital Supplements – There are supplemental plans that will pay out a daily rate for hospitalization. One such plan will pay up to $3,000 for a two day stay for a normal delivery and $1,500 for each additional day after than. Combined with the advocacy service pricing, it might pay for most of your hospital expenses. We can give you a number of such plans. Use the box at the bottom of this article to contact us.

More Important Than Maternity Coverage

Maternity costs are pocket change compared to the costs of having a baby in a neo-natal unit.

I know that having a health insurance plan that would cover all of your maternity expenses would give you a lot of peace of mind. However, it is far more important that either the birth mother or the father have a major medical insurance plan.

If you have health insurance before you are pregnant, your baby can be put on your plan within 30 days of birth regardless of their health. I do not care if all you can afford is a $5,000 deductible no-frills plan. You must have health insurance before you get pregnant.

Here is another tip for you. When you put the newborn on your plan, call and send a registered letter (return receipt) to confirm it. One couple had the insurance company tell them that they had no record of anyone calling. The baby was in the hospital for more than a week and the bills were staggering.

Assurant Life Health Insurance Products

Assurant Life is a nationwide health insurance provider operating in the individual, family and small group marketplace. They are best known for their consumer health coverage. Assurant offers several health packages to choose from with varying benefits, deductibles, and coinsurance options.

Plan Descriptions

Benefits offered will vary depending on the state where the prospective insured resides. In most states, two health savings account plans and three traditional plans are offered.

High deductible, catastrophic plans are very affordable for consumers on a tight budget. Additionally, monthly rates will be locked in for two years when a high deductible plan is selected. The SaveRight PPO HSA and the RightStart PPO are good choices for those who want basic coverage at a competitive price.

The MaxPlan, CoreMed Plan and One Deductible PPO HSA are better options for those who desire more comprehensive coverage. Naturally, these three plans are more expensive, but will offer comprehensive coverage should the insured have a claim. Doctor’s office co-payments and prescription drug coverage are offered with the MaxPlan and CoreMed Plan. Consumers also have several benefit options available including preventive care, dental and vision coverage, first dollar accident benefits, and/or a rx drug discount card.

Maternity Coverage

A competitive niche for Assurant Life is their maternity plans. Consumers can select a maternity specific deductible ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 (with most plans in most states). The deductible will not be subject to the overall health insurance deductible. This way, the insured can tailor the medical coverage to fit their needs.

The waiting period to conceive is only three months in most states. This is very reasonable wait when compared to coverage offered from most other carriers. Like all health insurance companies, this rider cannot be purchased if the proposed insured is already pregnant.

Health Network Options

Assurant is also unique in how the networks are structured. Typically, consumers can select from four or five networks in their state. Some networks are nationwide while others are regional. With several to choose from, it is not difficult to find a network that includes a desired doctor or hospital. Additionally, clients can change networks while the policy is in force. This is advantageous for those who are moving from state to state or need the services of a new doctor or hospital.

In summary, Assurant is a reputable health carrier offering both catastrophic and comprehensive plans to the public. Those who desire maternity coverage and/or robust network options should consider their offerings. Working through an experienced agent, consumers can enroll in a suitable plan for themselves, their family, or their small business.

Search Online For Global Health Insurance

If you’re planning on traveling abroad for an extended time or often working in another country throughout the year, it would be wise to have global health insurance. This way if something tragic would happen while you’re abroad, you would have medical coverage. This is beneficial because you’re ensured of getting the best care and won’t be sent to a place that doesn’t have quality medical facilities.

There are different health insurance firms online that can provide global health insurance. They work with international insurance companies all over the world. These firms know the global policies to make sure you get the type of health care and hospital access you’re used to. If there isn’t a suitable facility near by, this insurance coverage will send you to the nearest quality hospital or back home to quality care.

Global health care can also be broken up into different regions. This way you know where to go if an emergency would happen. You will know where the medical facility is that will provide the best possible care. It’s also a good idea to contact your insurance agency to let them know what’s happening, as they can be there to answer any questions.

Many of these websites that offer global healthcare coverage will provide information on doctors, medical facilities, and specialists in the area you’re traveling to. Plus, there may be travel tips on the country, which can be helpful once you’re there.

If you need more advice or a specific quote on a health insurance plan that would work for you, call customer service and they’ll direct you on where to go. There are many global health insurance policies that will provide the type of quality care you’re used to. Make sure to check the insurance ratings for the best healthcare coverage.