Maternity Acupressure – A Full Review of the Maternity Acupressure Guide

Maternity Acupressure, while not an overly clever title, is the most popular labor acupressure guide currently on the market. But should it be?

Many women who have passed their due dates or have been given the “all clear” for inducing labor want to do so because of the discomfort and the health risks associated with a fetus growing too big, not to mention your excitement to meet your new little one. These techniques make having a medical induction unnecessary, which has many bonuses. Induction in the hospital can actually lead to longer, more painful childbirths which the mother may not be very clear headed for. Not to mention, the faster childbirth is, the better it is for the mother and the baby. Longer births also sometimes lead to complications such as a decreased heartbeat in the baby and vaginal tearing.

Normally there are many questions an expectant mother has when she is thinking about this natural induction technique, and it is a very smart idea to be sure they are ALL answered before deciding whether or not acupressure is right for you. What is labor(maternity) acupressure? How does it work? Is it safe? Does it work? and so on. This book addresses these questions as well as showing you how to perform the acupressure by using text, pictures, and even video. There are many pressure points used in combination which help in the delivery process by calming you (getting you more into position for lamaze and a more focused birth), producing an anesthetizing effect on contractions, and helping baby descend. They can even turn your baby into the correct position if it is breach in the uterus.

A recent study showed that acupressure used to induce labor works in up to 93% of pregnant women within 48 hours. In some cases, it worked in as little as 25 minutes! On average, the use of acupressure to induce labor also shortens the labor process by 2 hours.

So one of the biggest questions most expecting mothers have about now is: should I get this guide? I firmly believe that you need to have as much information as humanly possible before deciding on what form of induction to use. This book covers what you need to know beforehand, what to expect, how to prepare, birthing positions, and of course how to perform the techniques needed as well as several other topics. Maternity Acupressure has received many positive reviews from women and again is now the top rated product in the marketplace for labor acupressure.

I became aware of this guide while helping my sister through a particularly difficult pregnancy. After I had been living in her place to be close whenever complications arose, I was pretty happy when we were told it was finally OK to induce labor. Being the health nuts we are, we immediately knew we wanted to do this naturally and began searching for a way to do so. I found the Maternity Acupressure guide one night around 2 AM. After reading reviews and then reading the site to find the 60 day guarantee, I bought it and went to sleep. We took a four days reviewing the material, consulting her physician, and preparing everything. When we finally decided to go for it, it took 28 hours before it was time to go to the hospital. Since that experience I am in love with the topic of maternity acupressure and have done tons of research. I even created a whole blog around it!

I want everyone to know the options that are out there for natural induction and make the best decision for them and their baby. Whatever YOU decide, I wish you and your growing family all the luck in this world.

Maternity Support or Maternity Support Girdle Help Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

Some devices for maternity support, such as maternity belts, shoulder supports, and hip belts, may be covered by insurance when recommended or prescribed by a health care professional. It is advised to consult with an obstetrician before purchasing such belts and girdles, as most physicians are more than willing to arrange for insurance reimbursement when possible.

When choosing such devices, make sure that they are of high quality and provide comfort as well as support. They should be made of stretch fabric and have adjustable bands so that they can conform to the belly as it grows, as well as being able to move along with the wearer so as to properly redistribute weight when she walks or otherwise engages in daily activities.

Maternity pillows are available in full body styles as well as in styles that provide maternity support only for the belly and back. The latter are ideal for the first stages of pregnancy, whereas the former are recommended in order to prevent pregnancy pain that is caused by sleeping in uncomfortable positions that create pressure on various parts of the body as the uterus grows.

Maternity support belts and pillows are safe and natural ways of preventing and relieving discomfort during pregnancy. Taking advantage of these natural methods that make pregnancy a more pleasant experience is very highly recommended by experts as well as by women who have successfully used maternity support devices. Some of these devices continue to provide relief and comfort after delivery, as support helps a woman return to her usual level of fitness and health once the baby has been born.

A wide selection of maternity support devices is available from retailers who specialize in pregnancy comfort products, and they make great gifts for yourself or for loved ones.

Childhood ADHD Causes Can Be Due to Maternal Health Status

There are many environmental risk factors for childhood ADHD. If you’ve seen our article archive, the onset of ADHD involves a complex combination of genetics, diet, lifestyle, and the physical environment. A new study suggests another factor that can predict ADHD in a child – the health status of the mother.

The study, which was published in the journal Medical Care, looked at records from a database of Northern California residences. The researchers divided the mothers into three groups – mothers of children diagnosed with ADHD, mothers of children who do not have ADHD, and mothers of asthmatic children. The researchers then compared the medical history, use of health care, and costs of health care across the three groups.

The data showed that mothers with children who have ADHD are more likely to have health conditions like anxiety disorder and depression, and were more likely to make use of health services a year before or after giving birth than mothers whose children have no ADHD or have asthma. The mothers of ADHD children also spent more money on health care the year before or after giving birth compared to those whose children do not have ADHD or have asthma.

This was not the first study to confirm the link between maternal health and the risk of childhood ADHD. A study published in a 1985 issue of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry discovered that risk factors for ADHD included poor maternal health during pregnancy, previous miscarriage, first pregnancy, premature birth, long labor, and young maternal age.

Of course, the state of the mother’s health is no guarantee that her child will suffer from ADHD or its related disorders. As mentioned earlier, a host of environmental factors contribute to the symptoms, which leads to the ADHD diagnosis. What’s useful about studies like this one is that it allows you to take preventive measures if you recognize these risk factors fear that your child is a candidate for ADHD.

What are these preventive measures? For starters, there is evidence that breastfeeding an infant will reduce the risk of ADHD, as compared to using infant formula. Human breast milk is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are needed to form the physical structure of the brain. Of course, this is assuming that the mother has enough omega-3 fats in the body to meet the infant’s dietary requirements. If you are breastfeeding, make sure to take around 2,000mg of fish oil supplements rich in the omega-3 fat DHA.

Diet is especially important in the prevention and management of ADHD. Most children with the disorder have a preference for fatty, salty food with zero nutritional value. As a result, they end up being deficient in key nutrients required for proper brain functioning. The great thing about young children is that their food preferences are easily influenced; teach your children to eat vegetables, fish, and cooked food and minimize the availability of junk food and fast food.

Finally, try to buy organic food when possible. Recent studies confirm that children are vulnerable to the neurotoxic effects of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables, and that kids with ADHD have higher pesticide levels in the body than those who do not. Simply buying organic versions of the twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables is enough to reduce your children’s exposure to these harmful chemicals.

Funny Maternity Shirts – Stylish Pregnancy Garments

Being pregnant is the most beautiful experience of a woman’s life, thus she should make the most of it by trying to enjoy every bit of it. A growing belly may seem ugly to some but in my opinion it stands for the true beauty of a woman and her soul. After all, your growing belly has your baby inside it so how can it be anything but beautiful! It is important during the pregnancy to take care of your health and body because it directly affects your baby.. Today, there are many clothing brands that offer special maternity clothes to help the expectant mothers feel comfortable yet stylish. Following can be some of the options available:

Maternity Jeans

Maternity jeans are available in many different sizes and styles. These jeans are especially designed for pregnant women and their growing belly and expanding middle portion. The jeans are highly stretchable which makes them comfortable and easy to cope with the growing body of a pregnant woman. They are loose from the top as well from the knee side so that they are easily bendable. Soft denim is used in their making so that the mothers-to-be are comfortable wearing them.

Maternity Gowns

These gowns are available in many different styles, designs, colors and fabrics. You can pick gowns for winter as well as for summer use. Remember to pick long gowns because when your belly grows, the gown lifts up and the hemline goes up too. These gowns are quite practical and functional for all mothers-to-be.

Maternity Nightwear

The most difficult part of pregnancy is sleeping at night. It is important that you get a peaceful night sleep so that your body does not ache; therefore taking care of your nightwear is essential. Maternity nightwear lets you have a comfortable night. Made of soft and comfortable fabric, these night suits are loose to provide enough room for the belly and are also practical in use.

Maternity Shirts

Maternity shirts are available in many different styles and varieties. Funny maternity shirts have funny pictures, messages, logos and captions embroidered or printed on them; these are related to mothers and babies. Apart from this, decent maternity shirts with plain colors can also be found in a wide range.