Prepare Yourself For Maternity Photography

Craze for maternity photography is increasing fast among the new generation expectant couple. The reason seems valid as it is the rare opportunity that normally comes in the life just for once or twice. Maternity photographs have more sentimental value than aesthetic appeal so we should try to make them as natural as possible. Hiring a professional photographer is a better option but even then you must know the basics of maternity photography.

You can not leave the entire responsibility for an outsider who knows very little about you, your liking and your family. To make the maternity photography sessions a lifelong pleasant experience, you should make it easy going till the last shoot. The following tips will help you to enjoy the sessions as well to make your pregnancy period photographs natural and simple but appealing.

-Maternity photography is not the photography of a pregnant woman only. You should involve your family members, things you love and pets etc.

-Never go for the photography session, if you are not feeling well. Physical fatigue and mental stresses appear on your faces. While the primary aim of maternity photography is to capture the unique expressions that appear only during pregnancy period.

-Do not wear the clothes having tight elastic around the belly that can leave some marks around your tummy. Form fitting or water flow type tops showing-off outline of breasts are considered good for this purpose. Better you get some snacks before the shooting session; it will make the belly smooth. Manicure nails as the hands are most likely to be a part of photos. If you like, wear some light face powder on hands as well as over the tummy area.

-If it is the studio, photographer will set and change the background himself. But, if you have opted for in-house session, you will have to keep the changes in the background. Do not articulate the back grounds much, keep it as it is or may be going to be so. Change the location. Lawns, bedrooms, dining rooms, parking area, kitchen and lobby are good places, where you can bring freshness in every in-house photography session. If you have planned for the outdoor shoots then parks, maternity home and clubs may be the good places. Outdoor photography sessions are arranged only during the initial stages.

-Do not take many photographs in a single session. Divide your maternity photography sessions for the entire pregnancy period.

-Never compromise with your comfort level; maternity photography is not more important than your comfort, health and privacy.

Where to Find Health Insurance, Maternity Coverage

If you or your spouse just lost a job and therefore your medical insurance coverage, you need to look into a family health insurance plan. If you are currently pregnant, a new health insurance plan will not cover you or your pregnancy because this was a pre-existing condition.

You should check into continuing your current medical insurance coverage under COBRA if you are pregnant. You will have to pay a monthly premium that will likely be quite a bit higher than your group insurance coverage was with your job, but at least you will still have coverage. If you or your spouse is leaving one job to go to another that does have group health insurance maternity coverage, you may have a waiting period before the new plan will cover the existing pregnancy. If you are pregnant currently it is best not to change jobs if at all possible until after your baby is born.

Hopefully, you are not yet pregnant and can plan to have other health insurance maternity coverage when you do get pregnant. If this is the case, you can do an online search for medical insurance providers for your location. Be sure to add on maternity as special coverage. This will raise the premium, but if you plan to get pregnant it will be worth it. If you forget to add maternity coverage on your family plan and you become pregnant, you will not be able to add it on at that time. Remember, pregnancy is a pre-existing condition on a medical insurance plan. You will need to plan ahead for health insurance maternity coverage. Most plans will have a waiting period of 6 months to one year before maternity benefits will pay. Make sure you understand every detail of your policy so that you don’t end up disappointed later on. The cost of a pregnancy is high even with no problems, but if you encounter problems during your pregnancy, the costs will sky rocket.

California Health Insurance Executives Testify Before Congress in March

Congress is scrutinizing Health Insurance for California by challenging the reasons that prevent many people from obtaining health care coverage. When the largest health insurance company in the U.S. (WellPoint, Inc.) proposed raising monthly premiums by up to 39 percent in California, Congress summoned WellPoint chief executives. WellPoint postponed its premium increases until May 1st 2010, and California’s insurance commissioner will decide whether to allow the increases.

In short order, Congress expanded investigation of Health Insurance in California to look at coverage being refused and medical claims being denied as “preexisting conditions.” Chief executives from three more of the country’s largest for-profit health insurers (Aetna, Humana, and UnitedHealth Group) were summoned to appear before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and its investigations subcommittee on March 23rd.

Congress asked the companies to provide internal documents and e-mails about guidelines, practices, and underwriting policies for the last five years. These companies have been asked to show average premiums and increases, as well as maternity coverage for individuals by March 12th. These four companies sell health insurance policies for individuals to approximately 17 million Americans without health coverage from work.

Need for Maternity Coverage in California Health Insurance Plans

Looking at maternity coverage is important because woman ages 18 to 29 are the most likely group in the U.S. to lack health insurance. With just 59 percent of these women having health insurance through an employer, these young women comprise the group that is least likely to have health insurance from work. One-fourth of these women have no health insurance at all, yet 3.5 million pregnancies occur among the 21 million women who are ages 19 to 29 each year.

As in third-world countries, lack of health care hits babies the hardest. Uninsured pregnant women are 60 percent more apt to delay prenatal care, three times more likely to suffer adverse outcomes, and their babies are 30 percent more likely to die.

Lower California Health Insurance Rates Found by Independent Agents

Premiums and benefits vary greatly between insurance companies. Even insurance companies that are raising premiums, may have alternative plans with higher deductibles and lower premiums.

Look for Websites that compare plans and offer quotes from a range of companies to get a feel for benefits and prices. Independent agents (those who work with many different insurance companies) may know which insurers have more lenient underwriting for people with back problems, for instance. Independent agents can also appeal if you are denied coverage, or are assessed a higher rate because you have pre-existing conditions.

Compare California Health Insurance Plans to Get the Most for Your Money

When comparing policies look at the annual deductible, the percentage you pay for a medical service after a deductible is met (coinsurance), and the annual out-of-pocket maximum. That maximum is how much you have to spend on co-pays, coinsurance, and other costs before the insurance company covers any expenses for the year.

Check whether doctor visits are covered, and whether hospital stays have limited coverage. Look at which doctors and hospitals are in-network, too. Some individual plans exclude maternity coverage, but separate policies deal specifically with maternity and prenatal care.

If you aren’t taking prescription drugs, you can save by eliminating that coverage. If you are using prescription medications, research the cost of buying through discount drug programs at King Soopers, Wal-Mart, or other large chains.

Be careful about letting coverage lapse while you’re looking for a better policy. Events during a coverage lapse might make you ineligible for coverage. For example, insurance companies may not cover birth or prenatal care if there has been a gap in coverage.

More Help for Maternal and Child Services

Maternal and child services are also available for women with low incomes who are pregnant, and have children under the age of 22. A program called Women, Infants and Children (WIC) provides education about nutrition and child care for woman with low incomes, woman who are breastfeeding, and postpartum women. WIC also provides health coverage for children under five.

Even if you do not qualify for the above programs, you may still have access to care through free clinics, prescription drug assistance plans, or temporary state insurance. Your best bet may be to educate yourself about how health care insurance works, and find an independent agent that will take the time to listen to your needs and help you navigate the insurance jungle.

5 Types of Maternity Clothes For Your Pregnancy

You are pregnant and you suddenly discover nothing fits quite right in your closet. Don’t panic or feel like you have to empty the piggy bank before you set foot outside your door again. Really there are just a few basics you need to cover to stylishly clothe your new body.

1. Nursing Bra

Before you break the bank buying up sizes in your bra size, go ahead and invest in a few nursing bras that you can also wear after the baby is born. The advantage of a good nursing bra is that even if you don’t plan to nurse, or nurse for very long, it can still be of use after the baby as your breasts go back to their regular size. Nursing bras are made with more stretch than your average bra and can often accommodate a range of cup sizes. Bravado’s Original Nursing Bra fits a range of up to 4 different band and 2 cup sizes for each of their bra sizes. Also, well made nursing bras are gentler on the breast tissue which is a great comfort factor to pregnant or nursing breasts as well as a health factor in reducing the risk of mastitis from a too-tight or badly fitting bra. Even the underwire nursing bras are often made with more padding and gentle wires than your standard wired bra. Melinda G makes a particularly gentle and supportive T-shirt underwire bra.

2. Maternity Jeans

If you are were a jean girl before you were pregnant, chances are you will still want to slip on a comfy pair of jeans after you are pregnant too. Fortunately there are many stretchy, stylish maternity jeans out there that will fit great for your entire pregnancy and feel like a dream on you. 1 in the oven has a very comfortable Invisibelly Maternity Jean with a nude over the belly band and a superb fitting stretchy denim jean material. There are also a number of transition jeans that look like a regular jean but can be adjusted in the waistband to let out under the belly as needed. Noppies 4 pocket Under the Belly Jean is a great example of a before and after jean that can work fabulously for a whole year of up and down tummy sizes without looking like a maternity jean.

3. Lounge pants

Everyone needs a pair of comfortable lounge pants that can be worn inside and outside of the house when expecting and after the baby. Majamas makes a wonderful yoga pant, called the Softest Yoga pant, that can be worn during pregnancy and after the baby. This pant comes in both a black and charcoal color which goes with everything and can even be worn as pajama bottoms. 1 in the Oven also makes a Super Soft Ruched Fold Over Pant which fits like a lounge or yoga pant and can be worn all during pregnancy and beyond. This pant comes in black and can be dressed up or down.

4. Maternity nursing top

Japanese Weekend has hands down has the best selection of maternity and nursing tops on the market today at prices that are affordable along with excellent quality. The advantage of buying top that can worn for both maternity and nursing is that it does give you quite a bit of mileage and can be worn after the baby with a postpartum belly whether or not you intend to nurse. The Japanese Weekend cross over top has an excellent body with a ¾ sleeve that can be worn year round and a stylish cross over style that allows discreet nursing and full belly coverage. This maternity and nursing top comes in both jersey and hugaboo bamboo material and many color options.

5. Maternity Swimwear

Although a maternity swimsuit sounds like a luxury when you are pregnant, this is an item you definitely need to buy if you are pregnant during the warmer months or plan to vacation somewhere warm. Once you are more than a month or two pregnant the first thing not to fit right is your swimsuit. Many women find that they want to enroll in a water aerobics class or take a swimming class with a young tot and need a real swimsuit that fits right. Maternity swimsuits are made with more spandex and belly room as well as more room in the chest to fit more a range in size without being restrictive. Also, these suits are made to flatter your expecting shape with a wide variety of styles to accent or camouflage what you choose.

So, don’t panic if your wardrobe is suddenly no longer the size you need and don’t waste your money buying up a size or to in “regular clothing”, but go ahead and invest in some good basic maternity pieces that will stylishly clothe you for all nine months and then some!