Mimi Maternity Shops Can Still Be Found Online

The story of Mimi Maternity is amazing. In the spring of 2001, the new season brought about cute maternity clothes in floral and geometric patterns, replacing the animal prints from the fall fashions. By April, 2002, parent company Mothers Work, Inc. was reporting quarterly earnings of $0.02 per share. The six month earnings were in the black for the first time in over a year. Ed Krell was brought on as the new Chief Financial Officer. The National Center for Health Statistics announced that the US birth rates were at a 30 year high, so the demand was high for stylish and popular pregnant clothes for new moms-to-be.

At the same time, Mothers Work, Inc. was the world’s largest maternity retailer operating A Pea In The Pod, Mimi Maternity, and Motherhood Maternity maternity shops. They also had the online retailer MaternityMall.com. In fact, Rebecca Matthias started the business out of her Philadelphia home around 1982 with just $10,000 because she wanted to look fresh in cute maternity clothes while she was expecting her first child.

Mothers Work reported record sales and earnings for the company in 2003, launching them into unprecedented net income, and huge profits for their common stockholders. The company had a store in each of the 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico and opened their 1,000th store in New Jersey in August, 2003. The Mothers Work store chains would pass the half-billion dollar level of revenue in that year.

In 2003, Mimi Maternity was the nation’s leading maternity retailer in over 125 locations. They were considered to be among the expert maternity shops for fun and contemporary pregnant clothes. The Mimi Maternity brand offered contemporary fashions for the cute maternity clothes that women love. By August, 2004, the company opened its first Destination Maternity Superstore in Dallas. The staple trade names were still brand specific at that time. But in 2006, the owners sold almost half a million shares of the Company’s common stock for asset diversification and liquidation purposes. This set the stage for major changes in the company that were still yet to come.

So where are the Mimi shops? Well, they remained an independent brand name until late in 2008. At this time, Mothers Work, Inc. announced the corporate name change to Destination Maternity Corporation. This was a strategic restructuring that resulted in streamlining the brands. It was at this time that the Destination name became the predominant trade name for Mimi Maternity.

Today, the Mimi Maternity name brand can still be found, blended in with the Destination fashions that you have come to know. In fact, we have dedicated an entire page to Mimi Maternity for pregnant clothes women love. You now have direct access to these fashions to make your journey to find them online so much easier.

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How Your Health Insurance Choice Affects You

Because so many people these days get their medical insurance fully included in their employment benefits package, you may find yourself shopping for it on your own. It is important to know how to get the most health insurance choice for your money.

When you go shopping for health insurance, there are just so many considerations that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. But, for most people, when it comes to health insurance choices, the most important thing to them is being able to see the doctor that they want. You should keep in mind that if being able to see a particular doctor or go to a certain hospital is important to you, then you will probably pay more for that privilege.

Another aspect of your health insurance choice is your overall level of coverage the types and levels of deductibles that you choose. If you are trying to save money in the short-term, then you should be looking for a policy that covers you for catastrophic illnesses, but will require you to pay more each time you go to the doctor for smaller things. You might pay a higher deductible right now, but if something really terrible happens, you will be covered.

If paying less now is more important to you, then choose a policy with a lower catastrophic level and lower deductibles or co-pays. Although this may not be a long-term type of policy for you, if you go to the doctor regularly, then it can save you a lot of money.

Remember though, that most policies will not cover you for pre-existing conditions of any kind, so keep that in mind when you are calculating the number of times you visit the doctor. It may turn out that your anticipated visits will not be covered at all.

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Making Decisions About Maternity Insurance Plans

Making Decisions about Maternity Insurance Plans

Personal health care insurance policies that cover maternity expenses including OB/GYN and the high expenses for new baby ward tend to be much more expensive than similar policies that do not don’t consider pregnancy expenses a covered expense. Some of our policy holders pay as much as four hundred extra every month for coverage for pregnancy costs.

Maternity Insurance: When should you add or drop coverage?

In a perfect world, you should be able to add maternity coverage just before you conceive and drop it the day after your final visit with your post pardum visit. However the issue of pre existing conditions and unplanned pregnancy can make your choice of when to change to another health insurance plan more difficult.

Pre-existing Conditions and Pregnancy Coverage

Pregnancy insurance cannot necessarily be added or dropped at any time. If you want to save money by eliminating your maternity coverage and buying a health insurance coverage that does not cover the medical expenses you incur because you are pregnant, you may have a tough time if you have a medical condition. This is also the case when you want to move to an insurance plan that covers maternity. A current pregnancy is considered a preexisting health condition Therefore, if you are pregnant when you apply for your policy or on your policy’s effective date, you will be turned down by most private ,medical insurance companies.

A Maternity Insurance Strategy

Many families will do better when they buy with separate policies. Often a plan that will cover maternity will have other coverage which they will find unnecessary. Often the wife should get separate health insurance plan than her husband and the rest of the family.

This works well for most families. However, larger families will usually do better when they purchase one healthcare. Other factors sometimes make a difference. A good personal health insurance broker should be able to help you decide which option is best for you and your family.

Should you buy Maternity Insurance Now?

Not knowing when or if you might have an unplanned pregnancy and when or if you will develop a medical issue which thereby makes it impossible to get an underwritten medical insurance plan makes that a difficult question to answer. I hope that the the article you are reading makes it easier to make an informed decision. Without the ability to know the future, making a perfect decision is not possible.

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Who Should Get Global Health Insurance?

Many people are under the false assumption that their regular major medical coverage from their home country will cover them if they are traveling for business or a vacation outside of their country. Most plans to not provide coverage outside the home country. Global health insurance is the type of coverage you need to have in addition to your major medical plan. If you are out of the country on business and have an accident or get sick, it can cause you some major problems. Medical costs are high in almost every country. You could have more than just medical problems if you don’t have the appropriate type of global health insurance.

Most plans will cover you for emergencies, illnesses, hospital stays and even medical evacuation if you need it. You may be in a location that does not have the necessary medical facilities to treat your condition and you will need to be transported to a location that does. This can be a major expense. Most global health insurance plans will cover this expense.

If you plan to travel anywhere outside your home country, it is a good idea to make sure that you have the best coverage available. It can be a very scary situation if you find yourself in a situation where you need help in a foreign country and you don’t have it. Most of these plans include services that help you in other ways when you need the help. You will usually be able to get recommendations from the carrier in the different countries.

Most the plans will allow you to get life insurance, dental and accidental death insurance. Most people never have to use these things, but it is nice to have them available. You can have short term coverage for a short trip or longer term coverage if you plan to work abroad for a longer period of time. You can even get a family plan if you plan to travel with your spouse and children.

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